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Spicing up chicken and fish is our specialty. Gulf Coast Blenders' signature blends are the best around, and we promise total quality and satisfaction every time.

When it comes to seafood Louisiana-style, Gulf Coast Blenders offers premier blends and fries that customers across the country crave. Some of our best sellers include our Cajun fish fry, which features a blend of yellow corn flour and H&R. It’s our most popular breading and tastes great with any kind of fish.

We also offer a Cajun fish fry with lemon, as well as a crispy fish fry with extra lemon for fish with a stronger taste.

For those watching their sodium, the Chef Manchac fish fry is low-salt and perfect for oysters.

Our all-purpose breading is great for not only the best Southern fried chicken, but is also fantastic on onion rings and just about anything else. Our Creole chicken fry is another bestseller that gives bland chicken an explosion of southeastern Louisiana taste, and a signature Gulf Coast Blenders flavor.

Bulk Spices

Gulf Coast Blenders has a variety of spices available. We can create custom-blended spices, as well provide any of the listed spices in bulk. If you’re looking for a perfect BBQ rub, or just a 50 pound bag of cayenne pepper, we’ve got you covered. Please see the list below.

32oz. Bottles

When you’re working in a professional kitchen, you need spices and you need them fast. You also need quality and quantity. Our spice selection is second to none, and our bulk bottles are perfect for any fast moving kitchen.

Gulf Coast Brand Seasonings

Gulf Coast Blenders has a variety of signature seasonings for any sized kitchen. If you’re looking for the perfect spice for your steak, our All Purpose Seasoning is always a winner, just as our Lemon & Pepper blend will give any meat from chicken to fish a special kick.

For the diehard grill masters our Grill Seasoning is perfect for burgers, the Blackened Seasoning is the best for chicken,  and the Creole Seasoning gives any dish that spicy Louisiana flavor.

The N’Orlins Seasoning is a classic blend that’s great on seafood, while there’s not a thing the Italian Seasoning doesn’t taste great with.

On Mondays down in New Orleans, we cook red beans & rice. Gulf Coast Blenders has you covered there, too. It’s a complete vegetable and spice mix. Just add your beans. There are no vegetables to chop and nothing to add; it’s a great option for vegetarians.

In the springtime, there’s one thing we do best down here, and that’s boil seafood. From crawfish to shrimp and crabs, Louisiana loves to boil. Perfecting a master blend of ingredients for a boil can take years. Why bother with trial and error when we’ve got you covered? Gulf Coast Blenders Signature Seasonings Seafood Boil has The Works. Salt, pepper, and the right amount of sweet and spicy that packs a punch. Our seafood boil is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Ready Made Mixes

No New Orleans roast beef po-boy is complete without the brown gravy. It’s the most important part of the sandwich. A good brown gravy can turn the taste of any cut of meat into a mouthwatering, delectable po-boy. Our brown gravy mix has a mixture of heavy garlic, black pepper, and other spices. It’s one of our bestsellers.

Gumbo is a signature New Orleans dish that’s not easily replicated. It takes patience and love to create a proper gumbo. Sometimes a good roux can take all day. With busy lives and busier kitchens, a lot of our customers don’t have time to keep tending to their gumbo, so we found a way to do all of the work for them. Gulf Coast Blenders gumbo mix is made with real dry roux for that homemade flavor. It’s a premium mix that showcases your chicken, sausage, and seafood flavors. Instead of standing over a pot all day, all you have to do is add water, okra, and whatever meats or seafood you wish. It’s that easy.

If you’re planning a fish fry, you have to check out our hush puppy mix. Our hush puppies are a great compliment to any seafood dinner, with their sweet taste and a little kick on the end.

Biscuits, Pancakes, and Beignets

When it comes to breakfast, our mixes are second to none. Our old fashioned biscuit mix is a classic. With our mix, your biscuits will come out delectable, soft, and flaky, with a mouthwatering taste every time.

Everyone loves pancakes. Whether they're smothered in syrup and butter or topped with whole fruit, pancakes are as American as it gets. We offer two kinds of pancake mix: our classic mixture and a whole wheat option for those counting calories.

If you’re looking for something traditional New Orleans, Gulf Coast Blenders even has a beignet mix. Beignets are the traditional French donut typically served with powered sugar and revered all over Southeastern Louisiana. 

What is the best part about all of our mixes? All you have to do is just add water...that's it!


Gulf Coast Blenders has manufactured some of the finest dry ingredient blends in New Orleans. Serving the food industry all over the United States, we develop custom blends, and package lines of dry mixes.

From the world famous Commander’s Palace, to the Brennan Family chain of restaurants, Gulf Coast Blenders produces a consistent, quality product every time.

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