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We’re not your standard dry blending company. Our full-service operation and expertise ensures that all aspects of your product development needs are met.

Gulf Coast Blenders Custom Blending

Custom Blending

All of our custom spice blends and dry ingredient mixes are made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. Processed in the United States; ensuring quality, purity, and safety.

Research and Development

Our blending experts can match existing products and profiles, craft innovative new flavors, and reformulate recipes for new nutritional requirements or ingredients.

Packaging Options

Whether you need ingredients packaged in bulk or in smaller containers, we are prepared to fit your exact specifications; helping your product perform at its highest potential.

Co-Packing Services

Through contract packing, we’ll maintain the integrity of your proprietary recipes, ingredients, and brand by manufacturing the product your customers know and love.

Private Labeling

By using our in-house manufactured quick-ship blends and dry-mixes, our team makes it simple to have your own brand play an essential part in any kitchen.

Trusted by legendary industry leaders

Introducing Batter Binder

Our all-purpose egg and milk wash replacement

Crispy in 4 easy steps

Mix It

Pour batter binder in bowl, add water at room temperature, and whisk

Dip It

Dip prepared food into the mix — try it on vegetables, chicken, or seafood

Bread It

Dip food into your favorite Gulf Coast Blender’s breading mix

Crisp It

Cook to crispy perfection with a fryer or air fryer

Our unique blending process


We’re excited to start this journey with you. It may be overwhelming, but we’ll be with you from the start.

Gulf Coast Blenders Seasoning Blends

Step 1


Step 2

Research & Development

Step 3

Product Approval

Step 4

Final Input & Manufacturing

Step 5

Completed Product

The Hayward Standard

Gulf Coast Blenders is family owned and operated. We are trusted by the Louisiana team that brings you Camellia Brand Beans and Dagostino Pasta.

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If you’re looking for good seafood, New Orleans is the place to be. Fried fish, boiled shrimp, fresh oysters; we have it all! A popular item on most New Orlean’s menus is fried catfish.

Substitutes for Batter Binders in your Restaurant

Egg Binder Substitutes for Frying in your Restaurant

Because large segments of food-service customers search for products with unique attributes, operators must find those ingredients that achieve that optimal balance or that appeal to their critical customer base.

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