Our Everyday Restaurant Mixes

Expand with Southern entrées

Add rich flavors to your dishes with our authentic and easy-to-use entrée mixes.

A world of flavor made easy with our mixes

Entrées to elevate your menu

All of our Southern Entrée mixes are specifically made with authentic spices and seasonings. Explore flavors from all over the world with our restaurant mixes.

Seafood Boil Mix

The heart and soul of Louisiana—spice, citrus and herbs blend together to compliment fresh seafood.

Gumbo Mix

All the flavors of delicious soul food are found in this gumbo entrée mix.

Cornbread Mix

Our classic cornbread mix has a finely ground and crumbly texture, perfect for home-style dining.

Fajita mix

This entrée mix has notes of vinegar and heat, making authentic tasting fajita dishes.

Brown Gravy Mix

This entrée mix includes savory notes of classic home-style dark brown gravy.

Chili Mix

This dry blend combines classic herbs and spices to enhance the flavors of chicken and other poultry.

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