Our Everyday Restaurant Mixes

Expand with Southern entrées

Add rich flavors to your dishes with our authentic and easy-to-use entrée mixes.

Crawfish boil line art Illustration - Restaurant mixes

Entrées to elevate your menu

A world of flavor made easy with our mixes. All of our Southern Entrée mixes are specifically made with authentic spices and seasonings. Explore flavors from all over the world with our restaurant mixes.

Gumbo Mix

Our gumbo mix gets its deep, rich flavor from toasted flour, turkey base, and a blend of green pepper, celery and garlic. Absolutely classic soul food.

Hushpuppy Mix

Just add water!

A sweet, versatile, cornmeal-based mix that's not too dense. Ideal for hushpuppies, cornbread, and corn dogs.

Chargrilled Oysters

Just add butter!

Our authentic chargrilled mix of garlic, basil, thyme, salt, and red pepper is like the perfect popcorn sprinkle...but for oysters.

Brown Gravy Mix

Just add warm water!

Our comforting mix makes a thick Southern-style gravy with the perfect intensity for roast beef or any of your other rib-sticking favorites.

Seafood boil done right​

Seafood made simple with our seafood boil mixes. At Gulf Coast Blenders, we have five unique seafood boil mixes specifically designed to add layers of tantalizing flavors to your restaurant’s fresh catch.

Complete Seafood Boil Mix

Our signature mix - No msg

Clove and allspice take the lead with garlic in a supporting role. All flavors are balanced by lemon, heat from yellow mustard and red pepper, and salt.

Crescent City Bayou

Our newest blend - no MSG

Highlights citrus notes and aromas from orange and lemon oils, with the bitterness of bay leaf balancing the saltiness of this boiling mix.

GCB Crab Boil Ground

Versatile & Salt free

This brown mustard-based mix has no salt or lemon, allowing you to customize it to your taste or use it as an enhancer for other boil mixes.

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