Our Famous Fry Batter Blends

Fry blends for a better product

Gulf Coast Blenders' chef-approved breading and fry blends are curated for a wide range of dishes that get the light and crispy coating you crave every time.

Fry batter in a mixing bowl Illustration - Fry Batters

Introducing Batter Binder

Our all-purpose egg and milk wash replacement

Crispy in 4 easy steps
Batter mixing illustration - Fry Batters

Mix It

Pour batter binder in bowl, add water at room temperature, and whisk

Bater dipped shrimp illustration - Fry Batters

Dip It

Dip prepared food into the mix — try it on vegetables, chicken, or seafood

Spice sack line art Illustration - Fry Batters

Bread It

Dip food into your favorite Gulf Coast Blender’s breading mix

Fryer basket Illustration - Fry Batters

Crisp It

Cook to crispy perfection with a fryer or air fryer

Versatile Batter Blends​

Flavor profile ranging from classic to creole. Batters create crispy and flavorful coatings on chicken, other poultry, veggies, and more!

Creole Chicken Fry

A best seller!

A dry blend that creates the hot and rich flavor profile of classic Creole Chicken. Not too spicy.

All-purpose Breading

The perfect crunch

A versatile breading that provides a consistent coating for an ideal crunch.

Crispy Chicken Batter

Our Classic Batter

Flour, salt, garlic, paprika, savory herbs, and spices are designed to provide delicious flavor and enhance crispiness.

Onion Ring Breading

A light, crispy batter that complements the natural essence of onions, coats evenly, and sticks for the perfect fry every time.

Seafood Batter Blends

Celebrate the South. These Batters create a light and crispy coating while custom spices added to each blend compliment the flavor of fresh seafood.

Fish Fry Chef Manchac

A best seller!

The ideal crispy texture comes from a corn flour-based batter blended with flour, lemon, salt, pepper, and garlic. Perfect for fried shrimp!

Cajun Fish Fry

A light, crispy, traditional cajun-spiced coating that complements the fresh taste of your favorite seafood.

Southern Fish Fry with Lemon

A fresh lemon aroma and Southern spices combine for an authentic fish fry flavor.

Crispy Fish Fry with Lemon

A light and fresh batter blend with zesty lemon and cracked black pepper, perfect for coating any seafood.

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