Batter Binder

Looking to achieve the ideal CRUNCH in your favorite battered dishes? Learn how you can incorporate our easy-to-use and versatile Batter Binder in your recipes with this free ebook downloadable.

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Batter Binder Food Service Blend
Batter Binder

Up to 60% Savings. Simple Perfection.

Looking to achieve the ideal CRUNCH in your favorite battered dishes? Try Batter Binder!

High-volume restaurants benefit from saving valuable prep time in the kitchen while delivering consistent flavor customers will come back for repeatedly.

Crafting Satisfaction

Gulf Coast Blender’s premium Batter Binder™  offers a more eye-appealing finish to the fried product as it aids in adhesion and enhances crispness.  

Our four-step Batter Binder is versatile for use on vegetables, seafood, chicken — anything where you desire a crispy finish.

Faster, safer, and cheaper than making your own egg and milk wash. 

For over 30 years we have been creating some of the finest dry ingredient custom blends, seasonings, and mixes in the nation with a focus on family and community.

“In the South, we love fresh local seafood, especially when it’s fried to perfection in a light, crispy coating. Our restaurants prefer Gulf Coast Blenders’ Batter Binder because it’s versatile, easy to use and a safer alternative for customers due to the elimination of dairy and eggs.”

Introducing Batter Binder™

Provide a Tasty & Consistent Customer Experience

Crispy in 4 easy steps
Batter mixing illustration - Fry Batters

Mix It

Pour batter binder in bowl, add water at room temperature, and whisk

Bater dipped shrimp illustration - Fry Batters

Dip It

Dip prepared food into the mix — try it on vegetables, chicken, or seafood

Spice sack line art Illustration - Fry Batters

Bread It

Dip food into your favorite Gulf Coast Blender’s breading mix

Fryer basket Illustration - Fry Batters

Crisp It

Cook to crispy perfection with a fryer or air fryer

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