Complete Seafood Boil Mix: Restaurant Guide

Our Bestselling Spice Blend for Seafood Boils

The Complete Boil Mix is the perfect blend of spices, citrus, and herbs to accompany your restaurant’s fresh catch.

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Grounded in the tradition of New Orleans style cuisine, our Complete Seafood Boil Mix is the ideal combination of fresh coastal flavors with layered spices and just enough heat to keep things interesting. This is the perfect way for southern restaurants to streamline back-of-the-house operations without sacrificing quality of flavors.

We Care About Flavor

Gulf Coast Blenders is local to New Orleans, Louisiana and is trusted by legendary chefs. It matters deeply to us that anything sent out of our doors is premium quality, helpful to the kitchen, and memorably delicious. Our Complete Boil Mix is one of our best selling blends, which is a testament to its traditional appeal and uniquely satisfying taste.

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