Chargrilled Oyster Mix: The Restaurant Guide

Our NEW Chargrilled Oyster Mix is deliciously easy! Just add butter to this chef approved, versatile recipe that includes consistent flavors of salt, garlic, thyme, and basil.

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Chargrilled Oyster Mix

Our new Chargrilled Oyster Mix, made with simple ingredients produce delicious restaurant versatility.

Learn how your restaurant can incorporate our easy to use and versatile, New Orleans based Chargrilled Oyster Mix in your recipes with this free restaurant guide.

Free Restaurant Guide

Not your standard Chargrilled Oyster Mix. Designed with chefs in mind — not only for ease, but for its unique blend of herbs that allows the butter and spices to adhere to the oyster; giving them the delicious, true gulf flavor.

An experience for all

And that’s a wrap — we are ready to serve you! Our new Chargrilled Oyster Mix is designed to get to you fast with our quick-ship option, made for restaurants of any size. It's time to add spice blends cultivated by years of research, from the best in the business! Contact us and see how we can spice up your restaurant today.

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