Custom Blending Specialists

Blended in 250 pound batches

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The masters of crafting

custom dry blends and mixes


Our proprietary services allow you to formulate dry mixes with your logo, that are safeguarded to ensure they remain your intellectual property.


Continuous quality assurance programs and food safety guidelines allow us to ensure your product and packaging is correct and consistent.

Perfect Blend

Our research and development team can assist in formulating a custom blend for your brand, as well as replicating existing flavor profiles.

Blended to perfection

With food safety and security safeguards in place, our master blenders craft custom blends of seasonings and spices for companies, brands and restaurants, with or without a recipe.

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Boost your brand

Our unique blending process

We’re excited to start this journey with you. It may be overwhelming now, but we’ll be with you from the start.

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We've got your back (of-the-house) operations, with our two different ways to streamline your restaurant's dry blends.

Custom Blending

250 pound minimum order

Let's get started on crafting your proprietary dry blend for your restaurant with co-packing options!

Food Service

Orders of all sizes

We've got your restaurant covered with our chef curated dry blends and private labeling.

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NO MINIMUMS for Gulf Coast Curated Blends

Custom Blending

Minimum Quantity: 1,000 pounds per item and 6,000 pounds annually

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No Minimum Quantity for Gulf Coast curated blends