Chef Ross Robertson

Chef Ross Robertson

Gulf Coast Blenders

Hometown: Crawfordsville, Indiana
Cuisine: New American, Southern, Italian
Chefs who inspired you: Marco Pierre White, Royal Faubion, Ed Sawyer, Greg Hardesty, Mario Batali

Ambition in the Kitchen

Every single chef biography starts with the same cliché. “From the time I could walk, I was in the kitchen. I learned to cook watching my Mother or Grandmother make [insert family or regional cuisine].” 

It may be cliché, but it’s true. Most chefs catch the passion for flavor early, I was no different. From a young age I was giving my mother tips on how to make her sweet pastries and savory entrées taste better. I had found my creative outlet and loved to enhance dishes with powerful flavors.

After high school, I did a year with AmeriCorps NCCC, then went to culinary school at Ivy Tech Indianapolis. Through school I was selected to cater a VIP luncheon for the late Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert, and their guests.

I worked my way through culinary school at A-Country-A-Fair under Chef Royal Faubion. Here I learned the foundational skills that I still use to this day. I owe a lot of my work ethic and attention to detail to my time there.

When I lived in Indianapolis, I cooked my way around the city. I made craft pizzas under Chef Neil Brown, and Chef Carlos Salazar. I ran the dry age room and butchered meat at The Capital Grille. I even ran a local French brunch establishment.

My skills opened executive chef opportunities for me in the Metro Detroit area. I moved up to Ypsilanti Michigan and ran establishments such as Buca di Beppo, Mikette, and Bourbons of Brighton.

This past July my wife and I moved down to New Orleans. Due to the pandemic, Bourbons was running limited hours, and a limited menu. I relinquished the helm to my Sous Chef Nick Howard. Shortly after I arrived down here, I was hired on as the R&D Chef for Gulf Coast Blenders. It has been a great fit for me. It has always been my dream to work in a test kitchen environment, and I am striving to learn as much as I can about blending spices.

Chef Ross' dishes

Coffee Rubbed Lamb Chops

Coffee Rubbed Lamb Chops

Two double cut lamb chops rubbed in a house made Kona coffee rub. Grilled to order. Served atop spicy grilled asparagus, and mascarpone mushroom risotto. Drizzled with a 12yr balsamic, and a lemon olive oil.

Pan Seared Scallops

Pan Seared Scallops

Four pan seared scallops atop soba noodles in a traditional dashi broth. Sautéed enoki mushrooms and crispy prosciutto. Garnished with watermelon radish, cilantro, chives, and a soft poached egg.

Nashville Hot Slider

Nashville Hot Slider

Buttermilk marinated chicken breast. Dredged in a creole chicken fry flour, and deep fried in duck fat. Served on a house made brioche roll, with crunchy garlic dill pickles, and southern style coleslaw.

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