Top 5 Seafood Boil Mixes

Seafood Boil

Comparing the Seafood Boil Mixes

At Gulf Coast Blenders, we have five unique seafood boil mixes specifically designed to add layers of tantalizing flavors to your restaurant’s fresh catch.
Read on to see which boil blends are for you!

Seafood Boil
"The Class President"

Complete Seafood Boil

As our main signature boil, this citrus-forward, clove-forward blend is well-balanced, comprehensive, and a total crowd pleaser.

"Mr. Old School"

Bayou Boil​

This simple, traditional, can’t-go-wrong blend is more garlic forward than the Complete Seafood Boil and invites just a bit of heat and paprika to your seafood medley.

Seafood Boil
“The New Kid”

Crescent City Boil​

This is our newest and most citrus-forward blend, featuring orange and lemon oils, which produce a wonderful scent when boiling.


West Bank Boil​

This neon orange, citric acid- and msg-infused boil blend has flavor that heavily mimics ‘Zatarian’s Crab Boil’ and makes any seafood boil playful and interesting.

Seafood Boil Mix bulk spices poured on seafood boil
"The Hipster"

GCB Crab Boil Ground​

This brown-mustard based boil with citrus notes of coriander contains neither salt nor lemon--allowing customers to add their own desired amounts. It can also be used to enhance other boil blends with its spicy bite!

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