Where to Find Your Desired Pancakes in New Orleans

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Pancakes are a special part of breakfasts and brunches around the world. Pancakes, both slightly savory and slightly sweet, offer a great way to customize your breakfast to your personal taste. What’s so special about a simple pancake is that every restaurant creates their own style. Some restaurants add fruit and chocolate, some add meat and spices, and if you're in New Orleans some even add alcohol!

Ultimately, the cornerstone of a great pancake is the batter. The right pancake mix and batter results in a golden brown crisp on the outside which pairs so well with the fluffy inside. Restaurants in New Orleans have really got their batter down to a perfect science, and we’d like to introduce you to them. Here is our list of where to find your desired pancakes in New Orleans.

Firstly, the Brunch that was born in New Orleans – The Ruby Slipper Cafe. The first Ruby Slipper location opened in mid-city New Orleans in 2008. The Ruby Slipper started as a cozy and familial place where you could get a hot and tasty New Orleans Breakfast. However, it quickly became a Sunday ritual for locals. The pancakes served at Ruby Slipper are not your traditional pancakes. Each has their own unique New Orleans’ twist.

For starters, they have the bacon praline pancakes. As their name suggests, these have a sweet and savory flavor profile that makes you keep coming back for more. Then there is the cinnamon swirl pancake, which is filled with actual cinnamon and topped with a decadent cream cheese icing.

The real New Orleans’ inspired pancake is the white chocolate bread pudding pancake – a twist on a traditional southern dessert. This pancake boasts a cinnamon sugar mix and contains actual white chocolate bread pudding for the filling. Lastly, topped with a show-stopping white chocolate whiskey sauce, this dish is sure to please. If none of these peak your interest, you can always ask about their pancake of the day. 

Secondly, operating right outside the historic French Quarter is Betsy’s Pancake house. Betsy’s has been family owned and operating since 1986! Their menu includes quick and fresh hot lunches as well as a mix of classic and cajun dishes. During breakfast time you can find an extensive list of the waffles and pancakes they offer.

One pancake dish that catches our eye is the “Pigs in blanket,” fresh sausage rolled in a fluffy pancake and topped with syrup and melted butter. This dish is both nostalgic and delicious! Betsy’s offers fresh fruit and toppings that compliment the soft savory taste of their pancakes, making them a great way to start your mornings.

Dot’s Diner is a 24/7 Diner that prides itself on serving home-cooked meals, always made fresh. Established in 1996, Dot’s has now grown to operating 4 locations in Louisiana. Their buttermilk pancakes are fluffy, slightly savory and always fresh. Without a doubt, they rival your mom’s best homemade pancakes and have the attractive golden color only achieved with a cast iron skillet.

These pancakes are the perfect “blank slate” to customize. You can opt to add some toppings such as fruits, pecans, whipped cream and chocolate. Another gem on Dot’s menu is their “Beignet Stix.” Vanilla Beignet batter made into small crispy sticks and sprinkled with powdered sugar makes a fun and modern twist on the New Orleans’ classic beignet.

Cafe Fleur De Lis is a great example of the “Southern Cooking” experience. Located in the heart of the historical French Quarter, they serve traditional New Orleans breakfasts and lunches. Lunch at Cafe Fleur De Lis usually includes seafood and poboys, but at their breakfast you can find eye-opening cocktails, benedicts, omelettes, french toast and their “Sweet Cream” pancakes.

These Sweet cream pancakes include a sweet heavy cream, which compliments the usual savory flavor of fluffy pancakes. You can add strawberries, bananas, pecans or chocolate chips to these perfect pancakes to up the “wow” factor.

You can also find the “Bourbon Street Breakfast” on their menu, a scandalous spin on simple pancakes. The Bourbon Street Breakfast is plated banana pecan pancakes with candied bacon, a shot of Kentucky bourbon, maple syrup and a perfect amount of melty butter.

Bearcat Cafe is a full service cafe located in Uptown New Orleans. They put a strong emphasis on “inclusion,” which particularly extends to their menu. On this menu you can find a pancake perfect for anyone… such as Gluten free, Vegan and Paleo friendly pancakes! All served fresh and tender with a helping of cultured butter.

One pancake on this menu that stands out is the Bearcat Chai Pancake. This dish includes candied pecans, chai spice, and pumpkin flavored cream cheese. In addition to their inclusive menu, Bearcat also serves unique blends of sustainable micro-sourced coffees from Equator Coffee Co.

It takes talent to make it on a “Best Pancakes” list without actually making pancakes, and yet Toast has done it. Instead of serving the traditional pancakes we all know and love, Toast serves “Aebleskivers.” Toast’s Abebleskivers (Danish for apple slices) are actually round little light and fluffy balls of pancake batter. They’re served sprinkled with powdered sugar and with a sauce of your choice. The sauces at Toast are classic maple syrup, jam, lemon curd, caramel, chocolate or Nutella.

If you love pancakes, you’ll love these.

Bonus points to Toast for making all their breads, jams, custards and curds in-house daily! If the Abebleskivers don’t catch your eye – stop by Toast and check out some of their sweet and savory crepes instead. Toast currently operates three locations in Uptown New Orleans, the French Quarter and the New Orleans Fairgrounds.

Trying to achieve the best pancakes at your restaurant?
Here are some pro-tips:

  • Use real buttermilk, instead of the cup of milk and vinegar hack.
  • Separate your wet ingredients and dry ingredients before starting.
  • Substitute regular flour for wheat flour to appeal to the health conscious crowd.
  • Finally, save time and money by letting professional blenders create your custom pancake mix.

 New Orleans is not short on flavor when it comes to pancakes. From sweet to savory, Nola has plenty to offer as you search for where to find pancakes in New Orleans. Whether you’re craving a savory pancake with bacon, a sweet pancake with a delicious topping, or a pancake that meets a particular diet need, there are multiple places to choose from. If your restaurant is seeking to serve a pancake that can meet the particular needs and desires of your customers, Gulf Coast Blenders offers a completely custom just add water (or buttermilk) pancake mix. Most important, this mix allows you to save time and money without sacrificing on quality.

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