How to Private Label Your Food Service Seasoning Blend

Private Labeling Food Seasonings Gulf Coast Blenders

Learn about how Gulf Coast Blenders can package and private label your food service, custom seasoning blends.

Who Do We Serve? Gulf Coast Blenders

Who do we serve?

As food service and private label manufacturers, the backbone of our company has and always will be serving the foodservice industry. This includes industrial food processors, restaurants, and retail brands in the Gulf coast region. We work out of New Orleans, Louisiana, the birthplace of Cajun and Creole cuisine. 

We serve many of the finest restaurants in Louisiana, Texas, and across the entire gulf South. The gulf coast is in our name and we highlight the flavors in our products. From fish fry and fried chicken blends to beignet and pancake mix, we specialize in all dry mix ingredients.

While our roots are in Cajun and creole foods, we also offer a wide array of seasoning mixes. Additionally, our Research and Development chefs can match any flavor profile you desire. As we continue to expand distribution across the United States, we continue to add new products for our diverse list of clients and cuisines.

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What are ways that we can package our blends?

We offer a variety of ways to pack our blends as well as your custom blends.  Co-packing allows us  to package your custom blend with your branding and packaging. Our private labeling services include our house made blend with your branded label. 

No packaging source? No problem. We provide flexible packaging options, from a 7g sachet bag to 50lb multi-wall paper bag and bag in a box. In addition, we also offer cylindrical shakers and PET bottles ranging from 4 oz – 160 oz. Crafting satisfaction is always our goal with our clients. We are prepared to work with you and find the packaging solutions necessary for your business.

Our customers’ trust and privacy is one of our highest priorities. For this reason, our proprietary services allow you to formulate dry mixes and blends that are safeguarded to ensure they remain your intellectual property.

What is private labeling?

Private labeling provides an ideal solution for any company who wishes to manufacture products under another company’s name or brand.

These private-label goods come from a wide range of industries, such as cosmetics or food. When it comes to private-labeled food items consider these three areas before moving forward with a manufacturer: Ideation, Formulation & Commercialization.

Ideation begins with a breakthrough moment that sets your path to bring a new product to market. At times, the production can be the most time consuming and challenging part of selling your product. Private label manufacturers need to understand your company, the market, application, and product. To reach your customers, these manufacturers must invest heavily in sourcing the best ingredients and the latest food processing equipment.

Packaging makes the first impression on your customers, and it is important to make sure your product stands out next to its competitors. Your own branded private label adds value and enhances your brand, no matter if you offer your product for sale on the shelf or your staff uses it in the kitchen. This leads to additional trust and loyalty in the marketplace. 

We take a proactive, solutions-based approach to all custom requests. We desire a quality, distinctive product, right alongside you so we will ensure your brand becomes synonymous with great flavor. Paying close attention to nutritional standards, ensuring product safety, and following regulatory requirements to ensure a fully compliant label should remain top priority for your contracted manufacturer. Before becoming available in the market, any desired certifications such as Vegan, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, or Organic must obtain verification. 

It is important to consider shelf-ready products. Grow your brand by working with manufacturers that offer fully developed products that can include your logo. Turn first time customers into life-long fans.

Let's Make Your Vision a Reality Gulf Coast Blenders

Let's make your vision a reality!

At Gulf Coast Blenders, we can package your blend in a large variety of containers and pouches. If you need help deciding what would work best, we will help you understand the benefits of different options. Our flexible packaging options allow you to build a product that fits your exact needs and expectations. 

With private label dry blends and mixes, you control the sales of your product and keep your brand identity.

Rather than just being considered a private label products manufacturer, we value our customers as long-term partners. As a result, our relationship with our partners goes beyond the initial request. We help ensure that all elements of processing, manufacturing, labeling, packaging, and shipping are meeting your desires and needs. We have a total custom solution approach.

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