Are you Ready to Private Label your Blend?

Private label your brand.

For some brands, entering into a private label relationship is a giant step towards taking your business to that next level. For others it is just a way of life for their business, and a necessity to produce their products due to lack of production capabilities.

Whether your brand is trying to achieve that next level of business due to increased demand or your brand’s expectations are not being met from current private label partners, at Gulf Coast Blenders we are ready and capable to help.

Private label products are products manufactured by a 3rd party for a retail brand and can be used with many products including clothing, cosmetics, and food. Private labeling your brand is a great starting point for many businesses who wish to get their products in more hands. 

At Gulf Coast Blenders we offer private labeling solutions for any dry mixed retail brand. This includes chicken fry, fish fry, seasoning mixes, and seafood batters as well as cake, cookie, pancake, and biscuit mixes. Our mission statement is, “Crafting Satisfaction” which spans from customer service to the end product that your customer tastes. Throughout this entire process we take pride in being a private label manufacturer that our customers trust to deliver the highest quality products to their customers.

Why Shift to Private Labeling?

What are the benefits to shifting to private labeling? Customer loyalty, brand exclusivity and multiple revenue streams are a few examples. To diversify your business’s offerings is what we consider to be a major reason to shift to private labeling. If there is anything the COVID-19 pandemic taught restaurant owners it’s that everything can change overnight and having diversified revenue streams is as critical as ever. Adding private labeling to your business’s portfolio is one way you can introduce your products to consumers through retail distribution and alleviate some of the pressure on your restaurant. Even if your restaurant has been able to thrive in the past year, introducing your private label products to retail shelves can be a nice boost to your company’s revenue and work as a marketing tool to increase brand awareness.

When are you ready to shift to Private Labeling?

Shifting your business to offer private labeled products may seem like a big undertaking but it doesn’t have to be when you have taken the correct steps and are working with the right manufacturer.

Many businesses who are ready to enter the private label market already have a successful restaurant and would like to private label some of their top selling products or recipes to be sold in retail. For example, a bakery whose cakes are so desirable that customers wish to make them at home or ship to friends. Another example is a seafood restaurant whose fish-fry batter is so delicious that they feel it is ready to be manufactured and sold on retail shelves. 

Consider the following steps when deciding when you are ready to shift to private labeling.

1. Understand the costs of private labeling. If you are an established business or a startup it’s important to understand the initial costs of private labeling. 

2. Select the products you want to private label. Whether it’s your top selling products or you are looking to refresh some of your old products. Be sure to keep your customers and their interests in mind when deciding. 

3. Define your target market. Who is your ideal customer? Who will be purchasing your products? Answering these questions will help you decide on what products to private label and how to market them. 

4. Decide what sets your brand apart from your competitors. Look at your competition and decide where they are lacking. Position your brand where competitors are lacking in order to set your brand apart. 

5. Create an experience. Building a brand is more than the logo. It is about your customer’s experience with your business and how you are consistently communicating with your audience. 

6. Find a private label manufacturer. Choosing the right partner that understands private labeling and how to turn your products to profit is essential to taking your business to the next level. 

How to choose the right Private Label Manufacturer

As in most business decisions choosing the right partner is important and choosing the right private label manufacturer for your brand is no different. It would be easy to say picking Gulf Coast Blenders as your private label manufacturer is the right choice for your business, but that is not how we operate. The truth is for many we are the right partner for their private labeling business, but for others we might not be. It is important for you to weigh your company’s values against the values of your private label manufacturer and see how they align.
For some businesses cost might be the most important factor, and for others it might be quality of products and services. At Gulf Coast Blenders we look to partner with brands that value high quality products and services, and who look to match their customers expectations on a consistent basis. If this criteria is what you are looking for, give us a call today to see how we can craft satisfaction for you and your customers.

Whether you’re considering private labeling to take your business to the next level or because it’s a necessity in your business, there are a few factors to consider. Private labeling can diversify your business offerings, introduce more consumers to your products, and increase brand awareness. Once you decide to private label your brand, it is crucial to choose the right private label manufacturer. 

We love partnering with brands who value high quality products, and if we meet your needs, we would love to work with you to private label your brand and discuss what private label products may be right for your brand!

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