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The phrase “just add water” brings many different images to mind. For us, just add water means the ability to save your restaurant time, money, and labor. We are proud to offer many just add water mixes to meet the current needs of your restaurant. However, we know every restaurant has its own unique take on flavor and recipes. Because of this, we work with you to turn your favorite recipe into a just add water mix. From sweet to savory, we’ve got you covered.


What are Just Add Water Mixes?

From beignets to hushpuppies, just add water mixes add value, efficiency, and flavor to your kitchen lineup. These mixes may be predesigned, or may be custom made to encompass a favorite recipe. Just add water mixes are exactly what they sound like — mixes that require little to no extra ingredients other than water! Pour, mix, cook, and you’re ready to offer up a delicious meal to your beloved customers. Some mixes are completely customizable, meaning you can add the ingredients needed for the current recipe and change it when needed. Other mixes are custom-made to take a recipe that originally required fifteen ingredients and turn it into a mix that speeds up your kitchen process and ensures consistency. At Gulf Coast Blenders, we do all of the work to meet your restaurant’s specific needs.

Why switch to Just Add Water Mixes?

Reduce labor, add value, and streamline back-of-the-house operations
When you streamline your back of the house operations, you instantly add value to your restaurant. Using our convenient mixes allows you to reduce labor. Recipes that used to take up a lot of space and much time to complete can be made quickly and easily. Because there is little to no prep, you can quickly give your customers their favorite recipes in less time. Additionally, there are many things you can do to reduce wait times for your customers and create a more efficient kitchen. Whether a restaurant’s specialty is beignets or fried chicken, each one desires to provide their customers with a consistent experience. With just add water mixes, you can rest assured that your kitchen is producing consistent flavors that your customers can depend on. No matter who is working in your kitchen, just add water mixes make the process easily manageable.

Help with current labor shortage issues 
Now more than ever, restaurants feel the repercussions of the labor shortage. The unprecedented shortage has caused restaurants to reconsider their daily operations. Using a just add water mix can assist your restaurant in streamlining processes. When recipes are quick and easy to follow, this gives you the opportunity to hire workers who may not have as much training. The less complicated your recipes are, the more flexibility you have within your staff. Especially in a time when the labor shortage is at an all time high, just add water blends can be a quick, tasty solution.

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What Just Add Water Products Do We Have Available?

Gulf Coast Blenders currently offers many options for just add water mixes. Our baking mixes include biscuits, pancakes, funnel cake, and hushpuppies. Our most popular is the mix for beignets. From sweet to savory, this mix is fully customizable for whatever flavors your restaurant wants to feature. If your restaurant is seeking more savory options, we have mixes that include gravy, gumbo base, jambalaya, bean seasoning, and more. For the adventurous, we also offer a just add butter mix. The chargrilled oyster seasoning, Nashville hot butter spice blend, and BBQ shrimp seasoning require little to no prep and ensure consistent flavor.

From baking mixes to savory seasoning, just add water mixes are a great addition to your kitchen. Using an intentionally designed mix from us here at Gulf Coast Blenders offers your restaurant many opportunities. Our mixes can help you reduce labor, save time, streamline your back-of-house operations, and more. We do the hard work for you! We work with you to take your favorite recipe and turn it into a mix that only requires adding water, butter, or another ingredient.

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