Local Spots: Best Fried Catfish in New Orleans

Best fried catfish in New Orleans

If you're looking for good seafood, New Orleans is the place to be. Crispy fried catfish, kickin' boiled shrimp, fresh gulf oysters; we have it all!

A popular item on most New Orlean’s menus is fried catfish; known for its seasoned cornmeal flour batter and being deep fried until golden brown. This dish can be prepared by pan fry, deep fried, dutch ovens, grilled, even on a baking sheet with a wire rack. 

We’ve put together a short guide to help you find the best fried catfish in the city.

Fried catfish - New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood

New Orleans Hamburger & Seafood prides itself off of their world-famous thin fried catfish. They got their start in 1984 and now operate seven locations in New Orleans and the surrounding area.

Flavored with lemon zest, their thin fried catfish is crunchy and spicy; making it their #1 item on the menu. They also offer thick grilled catfish fillets!

Fried catfish and hushpuppies

Since 1910, Acme Oyster house has perfected the art of serving oysters, in every way you can think of. With six locations in total, Acme Oyster house is known for their fresh seafood, and that includes their fried catfish.

Their catfish is served mild, white and flakey. Made with a cornmeal mixture batter, notes of spice and lemon pepper balance the mild and fresh taste of gulf coast catfish.

Platter of fried catfish

Located on Magazine St. for over 30 years is Joey K’s Restaurant and Bar. Their menu includes a wide range of delicious soul food and that includes their “all you can eat” southern fried catfish. 

They fry fillets of catfish in a seasoned, salty and crunchy breading. Not only are they serving juicy catfish but they also offer multiple sauces to compliment it, like local hot sauce and tartar sauce!

Stingray's Grill

For 23 years, Stingrays has been operating and serving fresh and authentic creole dishes at reasonable prices. Located just outside of New Orleans, they’re best known for their Lobster night. 

However, they serve farm-raised fish fillets that have been seasoned to perfection, hand battered and deep fried until golden brown. Check out their Thursday night fried catfish special!

New Orleans Creole Cookery

Enjoy the city while enjoying well seasoned seafood and taking in the cool ambiance of this French Quarter restaurant.

Serving crispy “Catfish Decatur” with a side of jambalaya right in the heart of the French Quarter. How New Orleans can you get? They’re known for their traditional creole menu and also serve a “Bayou Catfish Plate”

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