Best Chargrilled Oysters in New Orleans

best chargrilled oysters in new orleans

Chargrilled oysters is a dish Louisiana has really perfected.

You can easily find this oyster dish year round but if you ask a local, they’ll tell you the best time to order them is in any month that has an “R” in it. This way you’ll get fresh and large oysters on your plate!

Several restaurants have mastered the craft of tender and flavorful chargrilled oysters, let us introduce you to them.

acme oyster house chargrilled oysters

Since 1910, Acme Oyster house has perfected the art of serving oysters, in every way you can think of. With six locations in total, Acme Oyster House is the go-to spot for several oyster dishes, just as their name suggests. 

You can get fried oysters, raw oysters, oyster soup, fried oysters and even an oyster shooter! But their chargrilled oysters are the real star of the show. Served sizzling at a high heat, covered in a herb butter mixture and topped with a blended cheese mixture. Salty, savory and melty. Yum!

Drago's Seafood chargrilled oysters

Drago’s started their legendary charbroiled oysters in 1993 when Tommy Cvitanovich took freshly shucked oysters, covered them in a specialty garlic sauce, and threw them onto a charcoal grill. 

Once the oysters are toasted and golden they are removed from heat and finished off with grated parmesan cheese. Always served hot and delicious, we suggest pairing with white wine for an incredible flavor profile. On a busy day, Drago’s serves about 900 dozen chargrilled oysters!

If you aren’t able to visit, check their website for the charbroiled oyster kit ready for shipping. 

Mr. Ed’s Oyster Bar and Fish House chargrilled oysters

Established in 1989 and now operating several locations, Mr. Ed’s is known for hot and ready chargrilled oysters with a twist. Their oysters on the half shell selection includes their original Southwest, Bienville and Rockerfeller options. The Southwest option is charbroiled and topped with jalapeño to add a Louisiana kick. Bienville oysters are served with shrimp, green onions and mushrooms for the full seafood boil effect. 

Mr. Ed’s Rockerfeller oysters are served with crawfish, bacon spinach and artichoke, a hearty and savory flavor profile everyone enjoys. And of course they serve classic charbroiled oysters with garlic butter sauce and a big helping of toasted french bread.

Marrow's Restaurant chargrilled oysters

Founded in 2018 by a mother and son duo, Morrow’s has quickly become one of the most popular hotspots for Serving classic New Orleans cuisine as well as trendy yet authentic Korean dishes. They’re serving up “Oyster’s Marrow”, chargrilled oysters topped with their house-made crab meat dressing.

If you’re not visiting this restaurant for their food, you should definitely visit for their cool, chic atmosphere and hand-crafted specialty cocktails.

Don's Seafood chargrilled oysters

Don’s Seafood was established by Don Landry Known who has been serving up fresh local seafood since 1934, and has now become a major spot for serving Cajun-style dining and seafood dishes.

Of course they serve classic chargrilled oysters with garlic lemon juice and Romano cheese, but they serve what they call Don’s Original “Jacked Up” Oysters. Their “Jacked Up” oysters are charbroiled with bacon, jalapeños and Pepperjack cheese. Placed on a hot grill, the oysters will cook until the cheese is perfectly melted. In addition, don’t forget to add hot sauce for an extra kick!

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