Where the Locals go for Seafood Boils

Seafood Boil Dish

Boiled seafood is the heart and soul of the Gulf Coast. For generations, friends and families in the south have come together to boil seafood and eat.

Seafood boils are very similar to barbeques or potlucks. They are usually day-long affairs of music, drinks, games and eating multiple trays of food. If you can’t boil seafood on your own don’t worry!

Here’s a list of some great spots that serve authentic and flavorful boiled seafood:

Cajun Seafood restaurant seafood boil

Cajun seafood is currently operating four locations in the New Orleans area, and they’re constantly offering seafood specials. Their first location opened in 1995 on South Broad Street, and since have expanded their menu to include so many delicious items. You can find crawfish, snow crab legs, blue crabs, shrimp and even more rare items like Turkey Neck!

Not only is the seafood seasoned well and served hot, Cajun seafood offers it all at reasonable prices!

Salvos complete seafood boil jar

This family-owned restaurant has been serving award winning boiled seafood since 1984! Salvo’s is known for offering great quality, hefty quantities and low prices! They’re located in Belle Chasse, just outside of New Orleans. If you can’t make it there don’t worry- Salvo’s can bring the boil to you!

Their boil catering service is complete with trailer, boiling pot as well as seafood and sides of your choice.

And if you want the taste of Salvo’s at your next boil, forget the bay seasoning! Salvo’s sells their own seasoning so you can recreate their seafood boil recipe!

Fishermans Cove Seafood in a pot

For over 30 years Fisherman’s Cove has been serving plenty of fresh and local boiled seafood. You can view all of their seafood offerings on ice in the market side of the building, guaranteeing the freshness! Their boils are typical served with seasoned and juicy lobster tails, red potatoes and corn as well as smoked sausage. Kick up the spice of the boil by adding your favorite hot sauce.

Pearls Seafood Market and restaurant seafood boil dish

Jason and Danielle Martin established Pearl’s Market and Seafood Restaurant in 2018. Located in Slidell, Pearl’s offers a selection of fresh fish and seasonal boiled seafood, including crabs, crawfish, and shrimp ready for carry out. Always served with hot garlic butter on the side. Dine in at Pearl’s and enjoy crab and shrimp boil, potatoes with butter garlic sauce and hot andouille sausage.

Honorable mentions Down the Road...

Crescent City Bayou

Large pot, boiling water, minced garlic, seasonings. Floyd’s has everything they need to serve you an authentic seafood boil.

Floyds is undoubtedly unmatched when it comes down to providing one of the most unique flavor combinations known to man. We start with Floyds truly authentic, one-of-a-kind blend of seasoning and spices that top off the bugs after their bath in our house specialty boil.

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