Quick Bites Podcast: Beignets with Bernard Stolberg of The Vintage

NEW ORLEANS – It’s no secret that New Orleans is rich in food history. Beignets are one of the staples in the NOLA food scene. The Vintage, a local beignet bistro and one of our wonderful customers, serves up community favorites, including coffee, flatbreads, and champagne. Poppy Tooker with Louisiana Eats recently got the scoop with owner Bernard Stolberg on the success of the beignets and the role we play in the process. We love seeing our customers thrive and contribute to the delicious food world, and we are grateful to assist them in that journey.

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On this week’s podcast, we speak with the proprietor of a local beignet bistro, Bernard Stolberg. His charming little Garden District shop, The Vintage, on Magazine Street between Harmony and 8th, has become quite popular with the locals and tourists alike for its fabulous beignets and full bar. Usually, there is an assortment of businesspeople, college students, and dog lovers soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying those tasty treats. On a rainy afternoon, we sat down with Bernard on the back patio -- that is, until the rain ran us inside, to talk about those fabulous beignets and how our sponsor, Gulf Coast Blenders,  has aided in his success.

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